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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The OSIRIS Offline Pipeline Software: OOPS

Downloads, user support and survey

The OSIRIS Pipeline Software (OOPS) v1.4.5 can be downloaded here

The manual of the current version of OOPS can be downloaded here

For troubleshooting and queries, please contact here, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Finally, please fill this survey after using OOPS. The answers will be used by the GTC Users' Committee and the OSIRIS Instrument Team, for the future upgrade of the OSIRIS Pipeline yielding to its final version (v1.4.6). For that purpose, please take into account the scope of the final version v1.4.6 as summarized in the table below. The survey will close December 31st 2012.

v1.4.5 v1.4.6
 release date15Oct 201215 April 2013
broad band imagingmaster bias preparation YESYES
master dark preparation YES YES
master flat (sky) preparation YESYES
overscan subtraction YESYES
bias subtraction WARNINGYES
flat removal YESYES
application of the WCS YESYES
 flux calibration     NO YES
tunable filter imagingmaster bias preparation YESYES
 master flat (sky) preparation YESYES
 overscan subtraction YESYES
 bias subtraction WARNINGYES
 flat removal YESYES
sky ring subtraction  YESYES
fringing removal NO YES
 application of the WCS YESYES
  flux calibration     NO  YES
long slit spectroscopymaster bias preparation YES YES
master dark preparation  YES YES
master flat (dome) preparation YES YES
making new wavelength solution  YES YES
using internal wavelength solution NO  YES
using previous wavelength solution NO  YES
overscan subtraction  YES YES
bias subtraction  WARNING YES
flat removal  YES YES
wavelength calibration  YES YES
spectrum extraction  NO YES
flux calibration  NO YES
multi object spectroscopymaster bias preparationYES YES
 master dark preparation YES YES
identify slitletsYES YES
master flat (dome) preparationYES YES
making new wavelength solution YES YES
using internal wavelength solution NO  YES
using previous wavelength solution NO  YES
computing central wavelength change across the FoV  NO  YES
overscan subtraction YES YES
bias subtraction WARNING YES
flat removal YES YES
wavelength calibration YES YES
spectrum extraction NO  YES
flux calibration  NO  YES

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