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Friday, December 09, 2005

La estructura (I)

El concepto estructural de OSIRIS está basado en un banco óptico 3D que soporta todos los elementos ópticos a excepción del colimador. Características generales (en inglés):
The OSIRIS mechanical design is driven by the stringent top level requirements of alternative use in both Cassegrain and Nasmyth focus, large optical components, image stability during one hour better than ±7.2micro-meter in imaging mode and ±3.6 micro-meter in spectroscopic mode at the detector focal plane (with a goal of ±3.6 micro-meter and ±1.8 micro-meter respectively) and a flux variation through the long slit less than 3.7% during all the night.

La estructura ha sido fabricada por TTM (Valencia).

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